Klara Sköldulf Philipp is a contemporary  circus artist and creator. She has been working as a freelance performer since 2013 and is one of four founders of the Swedish circus company Below Zero.

During her circus education she specialized in wire dance and partner acrobatics, but she also broadened herself through studies in political performing arts, philosophy, sociology and site-specific performing arts, Always with contemporary circus as her creative starting point and wire dance as her main expression.

Klara started working with high wire in 2019 and together with Ronja Breuk she has taken funambulism to Sweden and developed the traditional circus discipline.

Klara works for companies such as The Royal Danish Theatre, Centre Européen de Funambulisme and Cirkus Cirkör.

Klara performs in two of Below Zeros productions and is one of the artistic leaders and producers of the company.